Month: December 2014

Your Online Reputation Precedes You

The Internet is a fountain of information about anything and anyone. If someone were to post negative comments about you or your company, there’s a good chance anyone who searches for your company would see those comments. This is critical for companies because the public tends to research this way before deciding to do business.

What’s the buzz?

Companies that specialize in search engine optimisation in Perth also know a thing or two about online reputation management. The first step is to find out what is being said online about your brand. Poor reviews can damage your brand perception.

Avoid bad press

Interestingly enough, more than 70% of internet shoppers would put their faith in a bad review made by a perfect stranger. Your firm should be aware of these kinds of comments and address them if possible. Unless these comments are in bad taste, avoid deleting them and make sure you post a tactful reply.

Get a life offline as well

Inasmuch as many people live and breathe online, they lead lives offline as well. Your company must be able to make its presence felt wherever your target audience spends their offline hours. For example, Starbucks streamlined its rewards program and linked it with a physical card and real-time rewards.

Whenever your brand is noticed, an online search is sure to follow. It makes sense to manage one’s online reputation as this may spell the difference between being chosen by a customer or becoming a victim of vile reports.